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Interfaces and integration with the planning team

Managing the integration between the planners - between themselves and between the ordering parties, while examining continuous compliance with the requirements and implementing changes and additions according to the ordering party's request, during the planning process A requirement for the determination of a defined and fixed POC on behalf of each of the planning offices that will be involved in the project, for the purpose of preventing information leakage and lack of Familiarity with the details of the planning progress Participation of the planning manager and the planning team in status discussions and twinning discussions relevant to the project in its various stages, at the ordering headquarters, in the offices the user, on the project site, in the authorities' offices or anywhere else required. The planning manager reserves the right to define which of the planners It is required to attend the planning meetings Transferring, receiving and managing the information between the planning manager and the planners, consultants and suppliers for the work of the entire planning team, including management and monitoring the various versions and alternatives during the entire project period, the planning team's updates on the changes created during the planning and the various constraints that must be taken into account during the planning and verification of the execution accordingly The planning process will be managed in a regular and continuous manner, while uploading the planning products and alternatives to an internet interface (Remdor-Net or equivalent) and this For the purpose of monitoring, control and compliance with the planning goals presented by the planning manager Conducting discussions and obtaining all necessary licenses/permits from all parties including planning authorities, government ministries and any other body of any kind and type which is whose approval is required for the execution and completion of the project. Holding meetings to manage project planning and its coordination in the company's offices and/or planners' offices, distributing discussion summaries and status reports to managers and ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the decisions. Preparation, concentration and updating of budget estimates for the project at the end of the various planning stages Integrating the planners in an efficient and continuous manner throughout the various stages of planning (initial, final and detailed), while updating them on required changes, Selected alternatives and decision-making for the continuation of the planning procedure. Preparation and updating of schedules for the advancement of planning, using the Gantt method and ongoing monitoring of the compliance of those involved in their implementation. Giving alerts about deviations and abnormalities, ongoing care when they arise. Regular update of the schedules. The Gantt will be updated on a bi-weekly basis and will be presented in the "planning against" format Execution of". The company undertakes to work in full cooperation with all parties and authorities that have or may have involvement in the planning of the project Everything is in full coordination with the client, including, among others: the client and all the departments that will be required for the project, local authorities, a local committee, a committee District, and the LMB, external statutory authorities and infrastructure owners such as: Bezeq, the electricity company, Mekorot, the Water Authority and water and sewerage corporations On its behalf, the Antiquities Authority, the Nature and Parks Authority, KKL-Junk, drainage authorities, cable television and satellite television, the Society for the Protection of Nature, Israel The rivers, the routes of Israel, as well as any other body or entity with which it is necessary to act with and/or coordinate with and/or obtain its approval for the purpose of promoting the project

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